I created this banner for my first son, Shepherd's first birthday.  He turned 3 today!  His little brother Shaman, pictured here, turned the big O-N-E!  {Their birthdays are only TWO days apart!}

These banners are so easy to make and so cute, I hang them in the boys' room for the rest of the year.

I found the instructions to make my banners @ stitch.rip.repeat.

These are relatively easy to create even if you are a beginner.  Don't be shy, just dive right into this project.  You'll be happy you did!  These festive banners just might last you a lifetime.

I created my own using the following materials:

1/2 yard of polka dot fabrics
        {1/4 yards of EACH polka dotted fabric} {on sale at The Quilting Bee}
1/2 yard solid fabric
5 yards of a 1 1/2" silken ribbon from Hobby Lobby

To create the template, first mark 6" across the top. Then marked the center point and draw 8 1/2" down. Then go out the edges of the 6" and met up with the point at the bottom for a perfect triangle.

Using your ruler along the edges of the template, cut out 11 solid, and 5 each of the polka dots, with a scalloped blade on the rotary cutter.

Next, fold the ribbon in half and iron.  And now, begin sewing!  {My favorite part.}  I sew about 1 1/2 feet of ribbon alone, for tying space.  Then, I start adding the "flags."  I gave them about a 1/2" space between each flag.  I didn't bother pinning, as these are easy to line up with the fold of the ribbon as you're sewing.   {Be sure to mark the same amount of tying space at each end, so you know when to stop!}

Viola!  You've got a fancy &  festive {reusable} custom made banner for all your celebrations!

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