It's a Secret Society... of which I am a new found initiate.  It is an unbending Truth, in which I now have Faith.  It is Our Soul.  I will take up space, no longer, in Acquiescence Alley.  My home is not built upon the Quick Sand.  My house LIVES... on a Rock.  The Rock of Spirit, and it has found me.  It Lives in Me. 

Listening to Leela Somaya's Succulent Savvy Soulful Business Revolution is the most powerful thing happening in this moment.  The Truth of the Power of the Feminine is ALIVE.  We are ONE.  We are soul sisters rising up in our Vibration, in our CREATION.  We ARE the Action.  The RE-Action.  The RE-Volution.  We are the spinning of thousands of Whirling Dervishes, coming together in our greatest power.  BEING THAT POWER... BEING A-LIVE in our Power.  It is so deep and so profound, I have no words for the level of transformation that is welling up inside of me. .... I just is.  It is  the birthing of a new Soul.  The She-ro the planet has been waiting for is I.  I and I have arrived.  WE... have arrived.

It's all a Living Mystery.  Let it come and Let it be.



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