8 years ago, yesterday, I met my husband for the first time.  One year ago today, my second son was born.  And in two more days, my first son will be 3!  It's amazing what wishing on a star will do for a person.  As I write this, the 3 year old is pining for my attention.  This saturday will be their dual birthday party!  For which I will be making a cake.  I plan on replacing the cow's milk with oat milk. 

...It's 3 days later, and we did it!  It was a smashing good time!  What a beautiful day!  I need to say a very big warm heart felt thank you to Sandy.  Sandy, thank you.  You were a wonderful host/wing woman.   Thank you for helping to make such a beautiful birthday for our boys.  It's been tough moving away from all our friends in AR.  We have been so lonely.  Before meeting you and all of your friends up there, I thought for sure we'd spend their birthday alone here at home.  Thanks to you, we made new friends and all of you made it the best birthday it could be here.  It warms my heart to know that I {we} have such a wonderful friend here already!  And I'm super glad to know that I have found a sewing buddy.  Crafting with a friend is always better.  Many blessings, new friend!   Thanks for a beautiful momentous occasion.  <3

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