...Do we ever really get it done?  No.  Nothing ever really gets done... Be the doing.  Ahhh.  Juggling two toddler boys, a home, a marriage, a farm and a new business is exhilarating... and exhausting!  How do you cope with stress?   It seems when all is melting down around me, the boys are fighting and making huge messes... right after I just cleaned that up, the dishes are piled up to the ceiling... aaagain... laundry is spewing out from it's laundry hole... I haven't showered and aaaaarrrgh!!  When in my day am I going to just relax and when do I craft and when do I do what it is that I really WANT to do??  whew.

I like to sit back with a nice cuppa tea and breathe, read a book.  Blog about it..  now that  have this new  blog.  =D  Then I go take a nice shower.  And then... I make some more tea, have a fresh baked brownie (frostedddd!) and then... I go trace out some squares for a rag quilt I'm making for the boys... because that is what is really important... not laundry, not dishes and not my hair do.. It's that special feeling I get when I'm making something for someone I love.   Or even just that special feeling I feel when I am creating.  Ahhh.  That's what does it.   CREATION!  Each little moment is a gift from God/Goddess; That's why it's called the "Present."  Deep breaths everyone.  Namaste.

One Ring Circus Card from "The Map" Oracle Cards by Colette Baron Reid



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