It's a Secret Society... of which I am a new found initiate.  It is an unbending Truth, in which I now have Faith.  It is Our Soul.  I will take up space, no longer, in Acquiescence Alley.  My home is not built upon the Quick Sand.  My house LIVES... on a Rock.  The Rock of Spirit, and it has found me.  It Lives in Me. 

Listening to Leela Somaya's Succulent Savvy Soulful Business Revolution is the most powerful thing happening in this moment.  The Truth of the Power of the Feminine is ALIVE.  We are ONE.  We are soul sisters rising up in our Vibration, in our CREATION.  We ARE the Action.  The RE-Action.  The RE-Volution.  We are the spinning of thousands of Whirling Dervishes, coming together in our greatest power.  BEING THAT POWER... BEING A-LIVE in our Power.  It is so deep and so profound, I have no words for the level of transformation that is welling up inside of me. .... I just is.  It is  the birthing of a new Soul.  The She-ro the planet has been waiting for is I.  I and I have arrived.  WE... have arrived.

It's all a Living Mystery.  Let it come and Let it be.

I just need to write something.  To type it out, you know?  Like, hey!  I've got a lot of stuff going on in my life.  I've stepped up to a whole new level of juggling everything there is to juggle in life.  That's amazing.  I just want to pause and reflect on that right now.  Take a breather.  Raising two toddlers ain't easy folks!  Let alone all the other entrepreneurial stuff I'm trying to cram in there.   Goddess Guidebook is there for me.  I am so blessed to be a part of this wonderful program.  Even though I'm stuck out here in the country, with pretty much just my two kids to talk to at this point... lol!  I feel so special and lit up by this program.  Even though sometimes I feel some stucknesses, I know that great wonderful fantastic changes are taking place in my life.  I feel it shifting and moving about finding what fits just right for us.  We ARE making headway.  We are achieving goals.  We are doing our very best.  And that's okay if we are a little slow sometimes.  Imagine being a turtle...  Slow and steady.
Wow.  I just woke up from the best dream I've ever had.  It was AWESOME!  Whew! 

So, last night I stayed up late to watch the Perseid Meteor Shower.  Saw a handful of shooting stars.  One really cool one that broke apart several times like a classic firework.  Needless to say, I made a lot of wishes.  One, was to figure out my career path.

Okay, the dream:  I was in a warehouse at the very top.  It was a dictatorship.  I was in Korea.  It was very dull and boring.  I went to the Korean women and was crying and said "I just wish we could play!!"  That seemed to open up a doorway out.  We all started funneling through these doors and down down into the maze we went.  Now it was like we were in a junk store.  Lots and lots of junk everywhere.  I started finding jewels!  In the form of awesome arts & crafts and in the form of crafting books.  I started collecting the crafting books and putting them into my backpack.  I was on a roll.  I was getting out of all the junk.  I was going through challenging obstacle courses, over junk, over challenging people.  At one point, all I had to hang onto were wires!  I was literally hanging onto the wires even though they were going to shock me!  I kept going.  I was getting out of there!  At one point, I picked out a hat.  It had to have the Lion of Judah on it.  I put it on, it was a bit small.  I had to squeeze through a small opening.  I watched the guy before me go in and he said, "Watch, I'm gonna lose my hat.  It's gonna 'BLOW MY MIND.'  LOL!!!  I lost the hat.  As I got to the end of the maze, I wanted to get out of there with my backpack full of amazing craft books without paying for them, a guy handed me two pizza dough bags, saying "I'm not going to pay for these, THEY"VE BEEN FROZEN!"  He handed them to me so I could get out.  I got out with the bags of dough and new shoes.  I started running.  Man could I run.  I loved running!  I was so fast!  I took off up a huge hill, I look over and there is an amazing children's education store full of awesome stuff.  I didn't stop there.  I KNEW what I had to do now.  I was sprinting up the hill to my family, and I was loving it.  I was like a marathon runner!  I found my wonderful husband and my two kids.  I was so happy.  I looked up into the night sky and saw the biggest, brightest shooting star.  Awe.  Some.  <3

{This describes my last few years of life perfectly.  And I wanted a message from Spirit, telling me about my career path.  This is it!!}

...Do we ever really get it done?  No.  Nothing ever really gets done... Be the doing.  Ahhh.  Juggling two toddler boys, a home, a marriage, a farm and a new business is exhilarating... and exhausting!  How do you cope with stress?   It seems when all is melting down around me, the boys are fighting and making huge messes... right after I just cleaned that up, the dishes are piled up to the ceiling... aaagain... laundry is spewing out from it's laundry hole... I haven't showered and aaaaarrrgh!!  When in my day am I going to just relax and when do I craft and when do I do what it is that I really WANT to do??  whew.

I like to sit back with a nice cuppa tea and breathe, read a book.  Blog about it..  now that  have this new  blog.  =D  Then I go take a nice shower.  And then... I make some more tea, have a fresh baked brownie (frostedddd!) and then... I go trace out some squares for a rag quilt I'm making for the boys... because that is what is really important... not laundry, not dishes and not my hair do.. It's that special feeling I get when I'm making something for someone I love.   Or even just that special feeling I feel when I am creating.  Ahhh.  That's what does it.   CREATION!  Each little moment is a gift from God/Goddess; That's why it's called the "Present."  Deep breaths everyone.  Namaste.

One Ring Circus Card from "The Map" Oracle Cards by Colette Baron Reid


8 years ago, yesterday, I met my husband for the first time.  One year ago today, my second son was born.  And in two more days, my first son will be 3!  It's amazing what wishing on a star will do for a person.  As I write this, the 3 year old is pining for my attention.  This saturday will be their dual birthday party!  For which I will be making a cake.  I plan on replacing the cow's milk with oat milk. 

...It's 3 days later, and we did it!  It was a smashing good time!  What a beautiful day!  I need to say a very big warm heart felt thank you to Sandy.  Sandy, thank you.  You were a wonderful host/wing woman.   Thank you for helping to make such a beautiful birthday for our boys.  It's been tough moving away from all our friends in AR.  We have been so lonely.  Before meeting you and all of your friends up there, I thought for sure we'd spend their birthday alone here at home.  Thanks to you, we made new friends and all of you made it the best birthday it could be here.  It warms my heart to know that I {we} have such a wonderful friend here already!  And I'm super glad to know that I have found a sewing buddy.  Crafting with a friend is always better.  Many blessings, new friend!   Thanks for a beautiful momentous occasion.  <3

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I am now past the grief of losing my home, my friends, my loved ones, my favorite town.  I love you all, still, I am letting go.  I am in a new place.  A beautiful new place.  The silence fills the space where those things once were.  Beautiful silence.  This blog will be my connection to the New Me.  The Whole Woman I wish to be; The person that I am becoming.

What have you lost?  Are you still grieving that loss?  Is there a need for you to let that go now?  What will fill that space?  Can you breathe in the silence for a moment?  Will you create space? 

Infinite space.  Where anything is possible.  Where all of our dreams are already coming true.  Where the Gracious Gardener Woman, in all of her wise wisdom, is teaching me Permaculture.  Teaching me to grow edible fruits, instead of prickly poisonous weeds.  I am a woman now.  A loving mother.  A woman of Faith.  A woman of a Abundance.  I live for the Now.  I live for creating new life; for sustaining life.  Admiring life.  There are no rules here.  Just me and these words.  Me and my expressions of love and kindness for all that Is.  Thank God/Goddess.  Thank Jah.  Thank All that Is.  Thank Universe!  Thank Spirit!  I am One with you.  And thank you for making the space to read these kind words.  Thank you for being here.  Thank you for being you.  I love you.  All that you are and all your potential.  ALL of you.  Every bit.  You are Grace.  Fill this Space.

What a powerful way to be free.  Just typing in whatever it is that comes to mind.  I love this kind of work.  It sets me free.  I am A Glow.  Thank Goddess Leonie!!  Thank her for inspiring me to START this blog.  All of her amazing work and workshops that I am a part of, growing my potential, my Spirit.  My Love.  My Creativity.  Ahhhh.  If you need uplifting, need help being more creative, more healthy, more Loving of you, if you need to AWAKEN the Goddess within... visit her.  Click her name.  Soak her in.  Soak her into your Soul.  Her words are alive!  Her videos will make YOU feel A-LIVE.  What a fantastic Soul!  Here is the 'Biz Blog Star' Book.  IT. IS. FREE!  Go and get it!  Read it.  Use it. Love it.

Ahh.  I love it.  And I love Carrie Sue, my best friend.  I do miss you so, my dearest.  You are the most amazingly wonderful friend I have ever had.  Thank you for being you.  Thank you for being there for me in the thick and thin of it; Thanks for braving the storm with me.  You are always with me in my heart.  I Carrie you with me always.  ;) ;)  <3  Thank you for sending me to Goddess Leonie.  Thank you for taking on the Goddess Circle Journey with me.  Thank you for teaching me to love the color purple.  Thank you for being the beautiful, radiant Violet Flower of a Woman that you are.  You are amazing!  I love you so much.  MWUAH.  XOXOX  Forever Friends.  I'm with you to the end and back around again.  <3  Forever. Buds.  <3