I am now past the grief of losing my home, my friends, my loved ones, my favorite town.  I love you all, still, I am letting go.  I am in a new place.  A beautiful new place.  The silence fills the space where those things once were.  Beautiful silence.  This blog will be my connection to the New Me.  The Whole Woman I wish to be; The person that I am becoming.

What have you lost?  Are you still grieving that loss?  Is there a need for you to let that go now?  What will fill that space?  Can you breathe in the silence for a moment?  Will you create space? 

Infinite space.  Where anything is possible.  Where all of our dreams are already coming true.  Where the Gracious Gardener Woman, in all of her wise wisdom, is teaching me Permaculture.  Teaching me to grow edible fruits, instead of prickly poisonous weeds.  I am a woman now.  A loving mother.  A woman of Faith.  A woman of a Abundance.  I live for the Now.  I live for creating new life; for sustaining life.  Admiring life.  There are no rules here.  Just me and these words.  Me and my expressions of love and kindness for all that Is.  Thank God/Goddess.  Thank Jah.  Thank All that Is.  Thank Universe!  Thank Spirit!  I am One with you.  And thank you for making the space to read these kind words.  Thank you for being here.  Thank you for being you.  I love you.  All that you are and all your potential.  ALL of you.  Every bit.  You are Grace.  Fill this Space.

What a powerful way to be free.  Just typing in whatever it is that comes to mind.  I love this kind of work.  It sets me free.  I am A Glow.  Thank Goddess Leonie!!  Thank her for inspiring me to START this blog.  All of her amazing work and workshops that I am a part of, growing my potential, my Spirit.  My Love.  My Creativity.  Ahhhh.  If you need uplifting, need help being more creative, more healthy, more Loving of you, if you need to AWAKEN the Goddess within... visit her.  Click her name.  Soak her in.  Soak her into your Soul.  Her words are alive!  Her videos will make YOU feel A-LIVE.  What a fantastic Soul!  Here is the 'Biz Blog Star' Book.  IT. IS. FREE!  Go and get it!  Read it.  Use it. Love it.

Ahh.  I love it.  And I love Carrie Sue, my best friend.  I do miss you so, my dearest.  You are the most amazingly wonderful friend I have ever had.  Thank you for being you.  Thank you for being there for me in the thick and thin of it; Thanks for braving the storm with me.  You are always with me in my heart.  I Carrie you with me always.  ;) ;)  <3  Thank you for sending me to Goddess Leonie.  Thank you for taking on the Goddess Circle Journey with me.  Thank you for teaching me to love the color purple.  Thank you for being the beautiful, radiant Violet Flower of a Woman that you are.  You are amazing!  I love you so much.  MWUAH.  XOXOX  Forever Friends.  I'm with you to the end and back around again.  <3  Forever. Buds.  <3



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