Devotion one motion
Evoke the notion of one floatin
From ocean to ocean
Be coastin in Emotion
One Love we wrote it
Now know it
Purified Justification
United Un-Nation Reverberation
With Strong Indication
The Eyes of God Become Us
Within Us One Love
United Verification
Erase cold memories to date
Elate in this place
Fade to Face
Our soul is whole
4 Fold
Heart of Gold
Twisted intertwined,
Whine past crimes,
No Rewind,
So climb cold breath
On your heels
Stair step, one, one, one
at a time
Abuse use ourselves,
Til your body you bruise
Damage us
and you to be amused
Short lived high wire
Broken esteem
To live a market dream
Make the time
Find the how
Not if or why
Make the will
to happen and be
Steady strength and breath





I catch a band in a van,
head out on a catamaran
go where the monkeys
don't wear pants
we eat with both hands
relax into our stance
put your mind in a trance
do your dance!
One day maybe I'll wake up
Not to wash off the make up
Break up and make up
Hoping that one morning
I'll be happy people
Unabsorbent in remembering
Unadoring undooings from
Unendearing tormenting and
I'll be happy people.

If I can wake up to his smile
His warm embrace taking place
Taste his lips and touch his face,
Never replacing that moment in space
We call ours
I'll be happy people.

Aesthetic steady admiration
Complacency already
Steadfast and steady
I'll walk without the wings
Being flighty's all they bring
A fast undooing
I'll live without them knowing
My scars are seared
By hot coals now slowly burning
Today I woke up Happy People.


Her Eyes



Her beautiful eyes make her stunning
A portal dive; Cordial eyes
Admit to keep her coming
Commit and quit running
Start humming beautiful skies
Her eyes




Nana, Sweet Nana,
You reign supreme,
in my heart...
You're a little boy's dream!
You're soft like a pillow,
You're sweet like ice cream!

Thank you for showing me
things like the zoo.
I have so much fun
spending my days with you.

You're special to me Nana,
I love you so much!
I'm crazy for you,
Like a squirrel loves his nuts!

I am that which you gave birth,
Love is in the Earth,
Time never passes it's Eternal.
Your love is Fire, Water, Air, Dirt.
Your Trees, a flowing endless skirt.
Loving you is easy, now that I know the truth,
Giving up some things to keep you healthy, I now choose.
Can you please help me, Mama.  Show me what's right and true.
Help me Now, Dear Mama, it is for you this I must do.